Scrap Slot Machine – Normal Maps Practice

Another Normal maps exercise! This time the instructions were to create the front face of a slot machine on a plane. All painted in Photoshop and using NDo for the normal maps.

I decided to create a Scrap Metal slot machine this time. The main intention was to do an exploration on how the textures of my Bumper Car Model could look like when finished.

The Bumper Car is mainly built from rusty metal parts, industrial pipes, and worn painted wood, so I decided to use the same parts to build the slot machine. I started with a really quick and loose sketch to figure out the overall shape and design.

For the next step, I created the basic shapes of all the components of the Slot Machine in different layers. The reason why I kept them in different layers was to be able to use them later to create the normal map, as well as masks to isolate them when painting.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I continued painting the diffuse. First determining the base materials, the location of the rust, and finally the highlights and shadows to consolidate the form of each component.

At one point I didn’t feel the overall shape and materials of the Slot Machine weren’t working. After playing around with the design and what I already had made, I took the decision to take out the speakers. This way, wood took a larger part of the object, and I felt there was a better balance overall.



Normal maps were created using NDo. For most of the shapes, I just converted them to normal maps and tweak the size and softness value. For the pipes, I took the Size and Softness slider all the way up to make them rounded, followed by doing some minor adjustments in sculpt mode to consolidate the bevels.

I kept all the wholes and incision details in a separate layer so I could add it as normal maps when needed.




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