Frozen Commodore – Emissive Maps

For this week in the Texture class the assignment was to model and texture the monitor of a Commodore PET with space invaders on it. The idea was to practice creating emissive maps. Again, using only Photoshop. It’s been a real challenge! A fun challenge.
What could be better than a monitor in a frozen facility?


I created the snow using a brush that is usually used for clouds. I made the edges sharper, but the opacity variation was still present. After that, I just added a drop shadow to the whole layer and got the final result. I was super lucky, I wasn’t expecting that.

For the Frost on the screen something similar happened. I used a brush made from a geometrical shape with a lot of abrupt and hard angles. I increased the scattering as well as the opacity jitter, and painted on the screen using black. After that, I added a white drop shadow, and set the layer blending mode to screen.





With Global Illumination on:screenshot007


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