Back to Blogging – Painting Textures in Photoshop

After a year of opening this blog, and posting just one project, I’m back! Today I want to share one of the textures I’ve been making at school.

In the class we are creating tileable textures from scratch in Photoshop. I feel that I needed this, getting this solid texture painting foundations will be handy for the future when using Substance and other tools.

Everything started as a simple stone floor pattern. I intended it to be the floor of a plaza from Bogota. As we went deeper into it, the instructions were to add gold inlays to it. I added some catholic patterns into it, I felt it could belong to a cathedral or church.

As a bonus, I could paint puddles on it, as if it had rained a couple minutes ago. (Don’t ask me how it rained so bad inside a church 😉 ).

Floor in Marmoset:screenshot000
Progression GIF:StoneFloor_SpecGloss_03


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